The app made for horse owners and riders

Take care of the health of your horses and follow your rides' evolution!

Never forget your horses' appointments again

Horsefy helps you remember all your horses' important appointments through many different ways:


Receive notifications on your phone about upcoming appointments for each of your horses

Smart cards

Horsefy is designed to highlight upcoming events (and possible delays) for each horse through smart cards displayed during app navigation so you are always informed about your horses' appointments


View all your horses' appointments in one place

Have the history of all your horses in the palm of your hand

With Horsefy, you organize your horses' history in one place that is always with you. Access information such as dates, prices, professionals and locations of the following events:

  • Horseshoes
  • Vaccines
  • Medicines
  • Appointments
  • Examinations

And of course, never miss any upcoming events by enabling app notifications!

Record your rides and discover important data about your horses

With Horsefy, you can record your rides and analyze the performance of each of your horses through maps and graphs, such as:

Gait analysis

Find out the distance traveled at walk, trot and gallop during your ride. See also on the map which sections were traveled at each type of gait

Speed analysis

Find out the maximum speed reached in your ride, as well as the average speed of the route. View your speed at each point of the route through graph and map

Altitude analysis

View through graphs and map the altitude of each section of your ride. Find out how far you've ridden on different terrain slopes (flat, uphill and downhill)

Import or export your ride in GPX

With the import and export of GPX files, you can bring your rides recorded on other GPS devices and access all the analyses that our app offers, as well as send your rides to these other devices

Compare your rides and see the evolution

The ride comparison feature provides key analysis for the rider:

Analyze the evolution of a horse

Ride the same stretch over time with the same horse and see how its endurance in different gaits is evolving, as well as the speeds achieved

Compare the performance of two horses

Ride the same stretch with two horses and compare the performance obtained on the same route by each of them

Compare routes

Compare two different routes with the same horse and see which one requires more of your horse in terms of distance and altitude variation